Green Smoothie for good winter health


With winter fast approaching we need to be wary of colds, sniffles and generally feeling under the weather.  A great way to keep above it all is with good nutrition and plenty of sleep, which is sometimes difficult given our busy lives.  So here I’m sharing my Green Shake Recipe with you!  You’ve seen me drinking it in the Studio, you’ve asked me what’s in it, and here it is …  I use a Thermomix to ensure it’s a smooth drink (and not chunky .. yuk) but any high power smoothie maker will do:

1 x Orange peeled

1 x Lemon peeled

1 x Green apple, cored

½ Telegraph Cucumber

60gm Spinach leaves

Handful Parsley leaves

Handful Mint leaves

1-2cm chunk fresh Ginger peeled

1-2cm fresh Turmeric peeled

4 tbsp Chia seeds

1 tspn Macca powder (optional) – can upset natural feminine cycle

1 tspn Spirulina


Zhoom it all up until its smooth and drink!  This one tastes better cold then warm … trust me.

Basically you get your 3 fruits, all high in Vitamin C, fibre and packed with other nutritional goodies …, your greens including parley and mint (too many health benefits to mention including folate, calcium, iron, magnesium etc etc), the ginger and turmeric which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory so great for the sinuses, chia which is high in fibre and Omega 3, anti-oxidants, iron and calcium, Macca to balance hormones and increase energy and libido(!) and spirulina which is high in protein, B1, iron and calcium.  All together, wrapped up in an easy drink !!  This smoothie is enough for two days for me.

Enjoy … in good health 🙂

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