Client of the Month – June 2018

Client of the Month – Mrs Nathalia Bastos

We’ve watched this little lady go from strength to strength in our classes, continuously making progress and always hungry to learn more.  An absolute pleasure to have in class, Nathalia always has a smile on her face and is always willing and eager to try something new.  Thanks for being our Client of the Month Nathalia!

Name: Nathalia Bastos
How did you find PIlates Nation: I was passing by Williams Landing Shopping Centre and I got a flyer on desk in there.
When did you start pilates: With Pilates Nation, in December last year.
Why did you start pilates, what were you goals: By the end of last year, I had a lot of back issues. I had too much going on while working full time, doing my masters and building a house. Because of that, I ended up not having much time to look after myself properly. So, once I was finished studying and finally moved into my new home I decided that it also would be the time to take care of my body.

My goals were to strength my muscles and increase mobility in order to reduce the pain on my lower back, shoulders and neck.

How many sessions do you do per week: 3 to 4
What is it you most enjoy about pilates: I love challenging my body and watching my progress. There is no better feeling of achievement when you manage to do an exercise you couldn’t previously.
Has pilates changed you in any way (body shape, or a mental change): Pilates has helped me so much to reduce my body pain overall. It also is helping to re-shape my body which has become my new goal since I’ve been feeling stronger.
What is it you love about Pilates Nation specifically: I really enjoy the environment as a whole. The instructors are awesome! The classes are fun, relaxed and level appropriate. The instructors are always willing to help and always have a smile on their faces. It gives me the boost to come to the sessions, even on the days that I’m so wanting to stay home and just watch TV. LOL
What would you say to someone “thinking” about starting pilates with Pilates Nation: Go for it! Great studio and equipment, lovely instructors and good price! Hard to find a better deal! 😊
Tell us something about yourself that people might not know? I’m from Brazil, my first language is Portuguese and I’m a kinder teacher in a Jewish school!


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