Client of the Month – July 2018

Client of the Month – Ms Courtney Hulbert

Courtney is our client of the month for July 2018, and very deservingly!  She’s been working like a trooper in her sessions, in order to correct her biomechnical issues, and strengthen those all important core muscles.  So, let’s learn a bit mroe about her:


Name: Courtney Hulbert
How did you find PIlates Nation: Facebook and local residents pages
When did you start pilates: This time around/with Pilates Nation – Feb 2018

First time ever was in 2006 then sporadically over the years since.

Why did you start pilates, what were you goals: In a nut shell, to reconnect the components of my body. I had reached a physical barrier in my PT and HIIT training, which I put down to weak core and general muscle imbalance. I recalled pilates previously having positive effects on my body, so thought it certainly couldn’t do harm to try again.
How many sessions do you do per week: Two – one 1:1, one reformer class
What is it you most enjoy about pilates: The burn and after-burn of muscles you don’t normally hit in other exercise programs
Has pilates changed you in any way (body shape, or a mental change): Definitely appreciate a greater level of engagement with my core in my day to day activities, and certainly in my HIIT and PT sessions.

It has enabled a recently discovered probable long term muscle strain to be acknowledged, which is now being corrected.

Contributed to a more mindfulness state.

What is it you love about Pilates Nation specifically: Close proximity to my home

Instructors who really strive to help. Belinda in particular has gone above and beyond in trying to maximise my outcomes from each class.

What would you say to someone “thinking” about starting pilates with Pilates Nation: You won’t regret it! And you’ll probably get quite addicted.
Tell us something about yourself that people might not know? My year one school teacher told me I was a distracted by everything and would never amount to anything in life. Twenty five (or so) years on, I have 2 university degrees and am a qualified Bird Vet. Proving, our only limitations are those we set for ourselves.

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